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It all started in 1998, when Patricio Cabrera began to produce and promote several non-traditional crops that were not known in Ecuador, such as Malanga, Chinese Potato and Ginger, and over the years these crops have become an important productive alternative for the agro-export sector.

With the purpose of innovating, becoming more technified and growing in time, the company C&R Agroexport has been created, founded in 2017, in which his children enter, a young and innovative generation, which will also contribute to the progress of the agroexport sector of our country.


To satisfy the needs of all our customers as well as our collaborators, with the objective of maximizing efficiency and optimizing profitability through our differentiation in product quality, service and price.


To build customer loyalty by providing high quality products, in a chronological way and establishing a progressive and sustained growth in the international market, consolidating our position as a reference company in the sector with our own corporate image and differentiated from our competitors. C&R Agrocorp works to achieve the highest quality, with a wide range of products and the best service at the most competitive price.



Customer satisfaction, through maintaining competitive prices throughout the year and ensuring the highest quality and food safety of our products.

Attention to suppliers, building loyalty and taking care of our suppliers' portfolio, paying a fair price for their products.

Employee care, by providing the best working conditions that guarantee a stable, satisfied workforce committed to the company's objectives.


The reliability and commitment that allow us to maintain the trust of our customers and suppliers.

Commitment to service of our human team to achieve, with their constant effort, customer satisfaction.

Special emphasis on quality and continuous improvement of our facilities and procedures, in order to anticipate the needs of the market and thus be more competitive.

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